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看了《立春》 我决定了要模仿文学青年去豆瓣上写一个影评! 把IME发到sf.net上去了,正在pending 4 approval。 想到可以写一个自动把post中相关内容wrap到对应豆瓣link的wordpress plugin。 就像上面,我只要打《立春》,会自动变成《立春》 初步google了一把,尚没有人做。 (不过有一些类似的plugin,for google/wikipedia。好吧,我承认这个想法还是比较SB的) 等有空吧。

String.format function for javascript (Dot Net style)

I need a string.format function, after googling around for server minutes. I find all existing solutions is like this one in Ray’s blog for(var i=0;i< arguments.length;i++) { var re = new RegExp(‘\{‘ + i + ‘\}’,'gm’); str = str.replace(re, arguments[i]); } return str; It’s very short, but there is one problem~ It can’t handle string.format(“{0}”, [...]

豆瓣你TM太强大拉|I love

doubanclaim0e26615dabef7ae4 哈哈哈哈~ 兴奋起来了~恩~ 我希望能一直 发现新的东西然后 去追赶 I love If there is one way the SNS could success in China, it would be this way. If there is one way for technology to really improve the world, it should be this way. and I’ll go see James Blunt, on Apr 2008 更新| updated

加了个playlist~目前firefox才能看到~ a playlist added, currently only available for firefox users 打算先停写这个小东西,越写越没劲。 我自己几乎不用 我只是看到songza.com很酷而想自己写一个而写 我目前甚至很少听音乐~ and, there will not be any updates for a long while for, reasons: me, myself does not even use it I just see the site and want to do a copy I listen little music now -.-

懒人英文输入法~ ;-)|Input helper for English

把Pinyin IME的后台结构(主要是父类IME.js)修改了一下,使其漂亮了一点,并且可以轻松扩展。 Did some modification to the Pinyin IME(mainly the parent class IME.js), make the code a little more beautiful & easier to be extended. 然后又写了个EnglishIME.js。 And, after added some more lines of code(EnglishIME.js), a new “thing” is born! 好了~简单的 English IME出炉。 For those guys who can not spell (like me XD)