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更新到wordpress 2.6.2了|blog updated to wordpress 2.6.2

支持google gears(google chrome自带),打开首页的速度快多了support google gears, which is build-in with google chrome 当然对普通的user没什么意义,几乎没什么普通用户理解gears做什么并且回去装它now the index page opens faster (but only for me, because few end users could understand and would like to install gears) 解决了文件上传经常超慢出错的问题faster file upload processing and less errors 搞掉了讨厌的更新提示get rid of the endless upload reminder

传说中的古镇枫泾就是一驼屎|the so called "historied town"

坐了2小时车。过去一看就那么一小河+几个半新的破房子,直径200米都不到,就敢号称“千年古镇”~   杨澜也是一驼屎,什么广告都做,什么狗屁枫泾“荣誉镇民”,这丫自己肯定没去过枫泾。就袖着手兜着钱往镜头前一笑,后面会耍电脑的的龙套再ps一番,十几米长的广告牌就挂在了莲花路地铁站上。 而且还是什么“国家级4A景区”……(当时还不知道,后面那个礼拜去完了宁波绍兴后才知道“国家AAAA景区”的普及程度和公厕一样) 这就像三鹿奶粉,只要花钱和质监局买块“国家免检”,然后就算狗在奶粉里拉屎你消费者都得喝下去。

所以说不能和他们玩|The red guards清华井冈山兵团的兴衰荒野中的红卫兵墓群(贴图) 此二链接均被GFW了,请自己想办法。

对google app engine的一瞄|A glance at google app engine

homepage: In general, google app engine is a free web application hoster. with following special feature: PROS: free, not only a python supported virtual server, but also a build-in object database (called GQL) and a cvs system users can use google account to sign them onto your site a simple and well designed framework to [...]

WP皮肤"风景"发布|The scenery WP theme is published

The scenery 0.3 is published! on on and I’m so glad to see that there are guys using it! the next step is to let the background image scaled to fit the screen, I think flash may be helpful.